Convert CVs/Resumes into records

Applicantextra online recruitment database softwarew has MS Outlook CV parsing and importing Convert CVs/Resumés quickly and accurately into useful data rich records.

The first job of any staffing solution is to allow users to record as much information as possible in a fast and reliable way. ApplicantExtraTM excels at this by allowing you to easily upload CVs/Resumés from MS Outlook, your PC desktop or your website and then create accurate, data rich searchable Candidate records with original and branded client-ready CVs attached. You can easily select a folder of CV documents and process them into candidate records (it will even create sub-folders for the processed cv’s so you know what has been done) or import individual files from anywhere on your pc even if they are attached to emails in your MS Outlook inbox. With the help of Daxtra CV parser, ApplicantExtraTM online recruitment software can seamlessly extract key candidate address and contact information as well as vocational and educational history. The system will also find and suggest your own keyword skill, qualification and role matches that can be used to code-up and categorise the candidate record for later searches.