Powerful Searching

Applicantextra online recruitment software has powerful and flexible searching and matchingSearch and Match vacancies to candidates easily.

The key to the ApplicantExtraTM applicant tracking system’s success is the power and flexibility of its searching and matching functions. Matching candidates and vacancies can be done bi-directionally, in other words you can find candidates to match a vacancies needs or match vacancies that need a candidates abilities. There is also the choice to speculatively find contacts that have used a particular candidate’s skills in the past.

Searching and Matching can use a variety of methods to find the right candidate or contact…

Criteria Searching: Use your own lists of skills, roles, qualifications and locations to find suitable candidates.

CV Searching: Every CV uploaded to ApplicantExtraTM is searchable so you can use keywords to look for the right candidate.

Candidate List: The candidate list allows you search on almost any field in the candidate record.

All the results from these searches can be sent to our Automailer module that will allow you to Email, Text/SMS or generate letters and labels.

Also items in these result lists can be shortlisted so that you can track and manage the candidate’s progress through the recruitment process.


New Boolean Search Feature

A new feature added to the search options in Applicantextra’s candidate list is the ability to search for words or phrases across CVs and/or records using AND, OR and NOT statements, known as Boolean logic. You can also group collections of searches together with brackets and also specify phrases with speech marks. So for instance if you wanted to look for candidates that had either Marketing or Sales in their records you type “Marketing or Sales” in the box and click the cog icon and select “Search records only” from the menu. If you wanted to extend that search so that who ever had either of those words also had retail in their record the you could group the first statement and then AND it to the word retail, like this
(Marketing OR Sales) AND Retail

If you are looking for multiword phrases like Marketing Consultant or Sales Representative then be sure to surround those phrases with speech marks otherwise they will be considered to be Marketing OR Consultant, so in this case if we want to find a candidate with one of those two phrases and Retail we would do this…
(“Marketing Consultant” OR “Sales Representative”) AND Retail

Also you can specify words and phrases that would exclude a record from this search using the NOT command. So if we extend the previous example to exclude anyone who has the word Obnoxious in their record it would look like this…
(“Marketing Consultant” OR “Sales Representative”) AND Retail AND NOT Obnoxious

and then if you also wanted to exclude a choice of words you could group them with brackets and use the OR statement….
(“Marketing Consultant” OR “Sales Representative”) AND Retail AND NOT (Obnoxious OR “Really Annoying”)

That about covers everything except to say that this box by default will search across both records and private CVs but by clicking the cog icon to the right of the box you can toggle it to search one or the other as well.
A final note on record search modes, these will look in the following locations….
Candidate name

with feedback we may look at extending this and possibly allow users to narrow down the searching to individual areas so keep in touch.