General FAQs

These are frequently asked questions regarding ApplicantExtra. If they don’t answer your particular query, call or email the Sales Team and we will get the answer to you.

What are the system requirements for ApplicantExtra?

ApplicantExtra Standard version is a browser based product, which in this case means it runs on any standard Windows PC with windows XP or later, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or later and a broadband connection. No need for disks, so no installing, no downloading, no waiting, just login and your on your way. ApplicantExtra Desktop version is an installed product that enhances the standard version to allow very close integration with MS Outlook and MS Word. This again requires a low spec pc to work well but to really fly it needs the above with 1 gig or more of RAM.

Will I need a server?

No. ApplicantExtra Standard and Desktop versions are purely web based and therefore you access your data through your broadband connection. This means no expensive hardware requirements, no need for expensive onsite support visits and less hassle.

How Secure is my data?

Very secure. Each of our clients data sets are held in their own individual database, not just records in some huge all purpose database as some of our competitors do. Your data is held on a powerful top spec server hosted by one of the Europes most respected hosting providers. They provide very high availability servers which are also backed up nightly to another hosting provider where a mirror of your system sits on a fail-over server. This allows us to provide a fast and effective disaster recovery service in emergencies. You can also request a monthly backup of your data in excel format for your own peace of mind. ApplicantExtra can also function using encrypted security technology via an SSL connection which should prevent unwanted access to sensitive data.

Where can I access ApplicantExtra from?

Anywhere you have internet access. ApplicantExtra can be accessed from any Windows PC that has Internet Explorer 7 or later and access to the internet, so you could be at home, in an airport, hotel, train station, internet cafe and of course your office anywhere in the world.

Can ApplicantExtra be used in a multi site/multi user environment?

Yes, same as above, anywhere you have internet access. So you can have as many offices and and consultants as you wish, where ever you want them sharing records and documents efficiently and easily.

How quickly after receiving an order can the system be available?

We usually send a questionare of key information we need from you, once answered we can usually deliver your system within one or two working days. If any large data transfer is needed then this can affect this figure, please get in touch for more information.

What if I want to leave?

We don’t tie you into long hand cuff contracts and your data is yours. As long as you give us a months notice of leaving then we will hand over your records at no extra cost to you (many don’t do this) and attached documents in an industry standard format that any of our competition can import.

Your system is great but i doesn’t do this…?

ApplicantExtra is a living breathing product that is growing and improving all of the time. The fuel of this change is customer feedback. We listen to our current users and our prospective users. If a feature is needed we always consider it as long as it brings benefits to most without detracting from other features.

How do you charge for your system?

We charge monthly per user at the beginning of each month for that months use. Our rates are competative and we can be flexible depending on circumstances. Please contact us for more details.

What if my internet goes down?

In recent years internet connections have become more and more reliable as companies increasingly rely on access for their day to day existence. However accidents do happen and it has been known for cables to be cut by road or utility workers. In these instances we would usually recommend one of several actions. Firstly, we can organise periodic backups to be sent to you in excel format so that you can still access your contact numbers and addresses Secondly, ApplicantExtra can easily be used via a 3g mobile connection and most mobile phones are able to easily be used as modems via usb cable or bluetooth, there are even wireless routers available with a 3g backup. Thirdly, you always have the option of accessing the system from another location, perhaps home, perhaps an internet cafe or one of the thousands of wireless hotspots available.  

More Questions?

If you have any more question please use our contact us form or you could try our support portal here